Three generations have consolidated Salvueros Wineries since, in 1930, our grandfather began the the making, aging and commercialization of wines in Mucientes. After him, our father, Marcos Gómez, who taught us how the raw materials are the most important element. Thus, since the beginning, at Salvueros Wineries we have put huge effort into the care of the vineyard.

A few years ago we started the transformation process that culminated with the inauguration of our brand new facilities in 2015. Said transformation we have evolved from a family winery into a solid and prosper business that faces the future with optimism and passion.

We conjugate the essence of family experience with the latest technological innovations. We nurture or vineyards, some of with are a century old, with care and dedication keeping the traditional processes throughout the wine’s cycle. It’s the way of life we were taught as children and has passed from one generation to the next, caring and loving the daily work on the fields. From the vine to the table. Because the field gives us back what we gave it first.

We use growing techniques that allow us to preserve the natural resources and the environment and to favour the flora, fauna and quality of the soil, surely the secret ingredient to our wines.

Our rosé and red wines have received important international awards and recognition. We want to infect you with our love for wine. A life philosophy, a pleasure, a way of enjoying wine.

Raúl and Rafael Gómez Panedas, winery owners.