Our wine is born in the vine

We say our wine is born in the vine, that’s the reason we take such a good care of it. We execute a methodical pruning and once Spring arrives we make a green thinning to limit the yield and guarantee the quality of each bunch in the 47 hectares of vineyard. We have total and absolute control over the raw materials, the main ingredient to make quality wines.



Around 80% of our vineyards are more than 75 years old. Our vineyards are scattered on different plots of the D.O. Cigales. That provides us with a wide range of characteristics when it comes to soil composition to develop all of Salvueros’ wines. de nuestras viñas tienen más de 75 años. Muchas plantas, incluso, alcanzan el siglo de vida. In addition to that the land dispersion is a great advantage in order to keep each wine’s personality as well as a safeguard against eventual weather adverse conditions.

The soil type, covered in pebbles favors an excellent and uniform grape maturing since it soaks heat during daytime and it slowly emits it during nighttime. This cycle fuels the bunch maturing during the vegetative state. The undersoil can be limestone or clay that keep a constant humidity level and lets the vines develop to their prime. This is important since our vineyards are not artificially watered and old ones consume more water than young ones.


All the grapes that reach our winery are high quality. The harvest is hand picked and all bunch selection is made on site. Those grapes lacking maturity are discarded. Thanks to a pneumatic press the must is extracted and driven to stainless steel tanks where the temperature control systems guarantee an optimal fermentation.

We use different grape varieties:Oak Red Wine: 100% tempranillo for our red aged in American and French oak barrels. Rosé: 80% de tempranillo and 20% verdejo and albillo.