A nice, pleasant red made with care. The grape, 100% tempranillo, is hand picked and selected on site by the vines. The colour is bright cherry red with hints of marmalade that make it a really nice wine. The tannins from the oak round its toasted taste.

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Salvueros Tinto Roble 2012
Salvueros Tinto Roble 2012

Did You Know?

Depending on the weather each year, the vines’ situation and the maturity index of the vineyard we use grapes from following estates:

  • La caseta (1930)
  • Piedrahita (1930)
  • La guerrera (1920)
  • El espinar (1930)
  • Matallana (1921)
  • Fuente Ruíz (1933)
  • Carratraviesa (1930)
  • Sendero Molino (1942)